Creating the Story

Increasing community understanding of the opportunities, interests, and resources to create and contribute as a community.

Exploring ideas, initiatives, and enterprises which excite contribution and creative enterprise around opportunities which contribute to common community interests

Connecting artists and creative entrepreneurs, creative leaders and creative by showcasing their stories to create new connections, opportunities, and possibilities for contributors and emerging contributors and excite creative community enterprise.

Creating the Fusion Initiative

These are links to conversations about the development of the Fusion Initiative. Fusion contributors have passwords to access these areas.

Topics forĀ  creative conversations

Social Entrepreneurship
Community Enterprises

Initiatives under development

Writers in Residence Experience
Bringing writers and emerging writers together in a creative enterprise to explore how they can improve their talents by engaging with each other, sharing advice, providing critiques, and learning together. The Writers in Residence are invited to contribute to Old Vancouver and Fusion Symposiums Vancouver 2009.


Fusion Symposiums

Fusion Symposiums showcase and engage artists, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, and youth around opportunities for creative contribution and creative enterprise.

The Fusion Initiative

To use the idea of creating the Fusion Symposium 2009 to learn how to create cooperative enterprise, so we can learn how to create cooperative enterprise and community around the future of Old Vancouver.

The Fusion Initiative becomes a learning resource for creating cooperative enterprise and the Fusion Symposium creates a model for other communities.

What will Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009 contribute.

A showcase of the artists, social entrepreneurs, and creative resources of Old Vancouver

Having everyone in the community able to come to know one another and for the community to come to know who they are and the opportunities to connect and create with them

If we feel there is a problem we contribute a better idea

Artists, social entrepreneurs, and community leaders are our creative contributors. Fusion Symposiums contribute to the success of established artists, social entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Fusion Symposiums create learning opportunities for young and aspiring artists, social entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Fusion Symposiums contribute to creating community by connecting and engaging artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders in neighbourhood spaces to explore possibilities, contribute stories and ideas, and learn from one another.

The Fusion Initiative

The idea of the Fusion Initiative is to learn how to create cooperative enterprise and community around common community interests by creating a Fusion Symposium in 2009 in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The Fusion Initiative is a open online creative studio where the community can gather, contribute ideas, develop, and organize Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009.

The Fusion Initiative studio will become a model for others to use and learn how to create Fusion Symposiums in their own communities.

Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009

The focus of the Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009 is on the future of Old Vancouver – creating opportunities for people to contribute, to explore, to connect, and to engage in conversation around common interests, ideas, and creative initiatives.

Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009 will build on the learning experiences and contribution of Fusion Symposium Hamilton 2008 held in Hamilton, Ontario in September 2008.


Creative Pathways Project

Fusion Symposiums
Promoting Creative Entrepreneurs and Engaging Youth


Provide a showcase for community contributors to tell their story and how they contribute.

Connect young, aspiring, and would-be entrepreneurs to ideas, opportunities, and people who can contribute to their interests.

Assist our artists, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, youth, and aspiring creative entrepreneurs as our resources and our future.


The Fusion Initiative
Creating Cooperative Enterprise


Develop Fusion Symposiums and improve the ability of other communities to recreate Fusion Symposium events.

Explore the art of creating cooperative enterprise and create learning experiences.

Leave the Fusion Initiative as an online communication centre for other communities to explore and engage in creating cooperative enterprise.


Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009
Creating a Future for Old Vancouver


Provide a showcase for Vancouver community contributors to tell their story and how they contribute.

Create a communication centre so the community can engage in contributing to the future of Old Vancouver.

1 To profile and introduce

2 To contribute to youth and aspiring entrepreneurs

3 To create relationships with others

4 To explore and contribute to demonstrate to how we create cooperative enterprise accross and between different communities of interest

5 To contribute to creating Old Vancouver as the project to learn how to create cooperative enterprise


The community is wonderfully complex with different interests, different ideas, and different points of view from the huge diversity of people. The cultural, occupational, entrepreneurial and community contributors provide a rich resource.

The opportunity for the community to contribute to creating the future of Old Vancouver lies in creating a process, a system to support the process, and agreeing on how we create relationships with one another.