Writers in Residence Experience

Downtown Eastside Writers in Residence Experience
Facilitating communication in the heart of the city

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is a multi-faceted phenomenon. For all its troubles, the city’s oldest neighbourhood is a vibrant tapestry of cultures and is regarded as a model community in many ways. It is also a bastion for creativity. Art galleries, artist-run centres, art festivals, artists, and entrepreneurs abound, making it a hub of exploration and innovation.

Welcome to this rich milieu a new enterprise geared to create and enhance opportunities for community members at every level. The Writers in Residence Experience matches writers, editors, editorial consultants, and writing educators with community associations, businesses, artists, and individuals. The effects of such collaborations extend from literacy to employment and beyond. Anywhere that language is used to sell our selves, our ideas and services, a refined capacity to articulate equals a stronger presence in the marketplace and the world.

How it works

The Writers in Residence is a creative experience hosted by DE Centre for the Arts. Rather than functioning out of one storefront, the WIRE sets up shop in various venues around the neighbourhood. Under its auspices, writers and writing specialists from within and beyond the community run a wide range of programs geared to the specific communication needs of community members. These programs include:

• Write a cover letter or query
• Business plan creation
• Market yourself as a writer
• Write a press release
• Introduction to journalism
• Creative writing
• Creative journaling
• Spoken word

Utilitarian: Resumes, cover letters, artists’ statements, business plans, grant proposals etc.
Creative: Poetry, short fiction, journalism, novels, memoir, theatrical writing, screenplays, etc.

Readings and reading series
Community writers
Guest writers
Opportunities for everyone

WIRE provides opportunities for

Community associations
Fulfill your organizational mandate with greater efficiency through the creation of text that accurately reflects your vision. Contract a WIRE editorial consultant to write and edit articles, promotional material, press releases, websites, and brochures.

Realize the potential of your enterprise by employing text that captures the essence of what you can offer. Contract a WIRE editorial consultant to write and edit business plans, proposals, promotional material, press releases, websites, and brochures.

The value of a piece of art rises exponentially when viewers have the benefit of biography. Work one-on-one with a WIRE writer to write and edit artist statements and press releases for promotion of work and gallery exhibits.

Community members
When we express ourselves clearly, the world listens more closely. From writing workshops to one-on-one consultations, from cover letters to manuscripts, individuals benefit from the coaching and expertise of WIRE. Work one-on-one or in group settings and tell your story.

Opportunities for on-line publication

In a world where the stronghold of publishing has been overridden by the egalitarianism of internet, publication has evolved from being an elite privilege to a right. WIRE will assist participating writers to make their work available to the public by publishing it on-line through communication centres.

Writers, editors, and writing specialists – WIRE welcomes your contribution – bring us your ideas for workshops, consultations, programs, and readings. Bring us yourselves, and enrich this enterprise with your offerings!
WIRE wish list

Contribute to WIRE and facilitate literacy, autonomy, and community.

$50: Sponsor an individual, community group, or business for a 60 minute consultation.
$100: Sponsor an individual for a resume and cover letter consultation/edit.
$100: Sponsor an individual for a four-part series writing workshop.
$100-200: Sponsor the writing/editing of a short business proposal.
$200: Sponsor the writing of a press release for an artist, community group, or business.
$400: Sponsor an entire group for a writing workshop (four, two-hour sessions).
$450: Sponsor a community group or business for a website, brochure, and promotional material renovation.
$600 – $800: Sponsor a community group or business for the writing of web and brochure text.
$800 – $1000: Sponsor a business for the creation of a business plan.
$1500: Sponsor a “roaming” editorial consultant to write, edit, and facilitate workshops full time for a range of community associations, businesses, and individuals over the course of a month.
$4500: Sponsor a three-month residency for a writer or editor. Over the course of this time, under the auspices of WIRE, the writer would be responsible for providing consultation for individuals on business and creative projects; working with local businesses and community groups to create innovative promotional text; facilitating a monthly workshops series, and organizing readings and reading series with local and guest writers.

Readings sponsored?

Many thanks to any business or individual who is considering being a sponsor of the WIRE. All sponsors will be offered a link and listed (with permission) on the “gratitudes” page of our site.
To become a sponsor, contact XXX at XXX or email XXX.