Fusion Symposium Hamilton 2008

Engaging youth into the world of entrepreneurialism



In 2008, Quantum Ideas invested in an event called the Fusion Symposium designed to bring together young creative entrepreneurs from the arts, business, and social enterprise communities to tell their stories about what they are doing, and how they got be doing what they were doing, and what they learned from their experience.

My niece, Sarah Flis, was the creative entrepreneur, working with friends and contributors, who created the event with a view to establishing Fusion Symposiums as an ongoing creative enterprise. So as a person who is young at heart I was given an invitation and opportunity to tell my story.

This film clip begins shortly after I started by saying how great it was to be at an event bringing together creative entrepreneurs to tell their stories and contribute ideas and create connections with one another and how nice it was to be back in Hamilton, Ontario where I grew up and my story began.

I haven’t improved my ability to speak but I have improved my language and my ideas have evolved from the idea of cooperative enterprise to community enterprise, and from social enterprise to community enterprise, and from public to community, and from what I am doing to what I am imagining we could do, and from our cultural and social and community development to our creative and cultural evolution as a community.

This is where I was then in my creative journey and what I was imagining we could create and how we could excite creative community enterprise around our common interests in creating a better future for our world.

Imagining an outcome of what we believe is possible can create hope or despair depending on our point of view. When I felt resistant to change I felt sadness for what I perceived to be a lack of possibility. When I was open to create, I felt inspired by how I saw life expand into possibility. What I learned was that our point of view changes our experience of life.





My niece, was disappointed she was not able to make the Fusion Symposium a successful undertaking and wanted to give back the money Quantum Ideas had invested in the project. I told her the most valuable contribution she could make in return for the investment would be to tell her story. This is the story Sarah wrote.

The Start of a Story
by Sarah Flis