Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009

Fusion Symposiums promote entrepreneurs at all stages in their business development and people with all levels of expertise. It demonstrates that success can be self-built from humble beginnings, using your innate talent, skill and passion and shows youth all the possible ways to make a living doing what you love.

Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009
Creating Cooperative Enterprise

The idea is to create a Fusion Symposium in 2009 in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood of Vancouver, BC, Canada, using all the available space to connect local artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders and engage them in a community development project imagineering the neighbourhood.

Artists, social entrepreneurs, and community leaders demonstrate similar qualities, ideas, and interests in creative contribution.

Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009 creates opportunities for exploration, connection, and conversation around ideas, common interests, and creative contribution.

The Symposium is a fusion of entrepreneurial, leadership, and creative ideas and expression showcasing ideas, opportunities, and possibilities for creating connections, inspiration, and enterprise.

Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009 will build on the learning experiences and contribution of Fusion Symposium 2008 held in Hamilton, Ontario in September 2008.


Young Social Entrepreneurs presenting new ideas
Experienced Entrepreneurs contributing their ideas
Would-be Entrepreneurs asking questions
Public displays and performance artists throughout the neighborhood
Music with live DJ’s and bands
On-line on-location web-casting
Physical sports activities and equipment
Hands-on arts experience opportunities and resources
Conversation on-line after the event


The opportunity to contribute to creating fusionsymposiums.com as an enterprise and to create a facility where entrepreneurs, artists, community contributors, and audiences could continue to create connections, relationships, and cooperative enterprise around common social and community development interests, and demonstrate how communities can create cooperative community enterprise around common interests.

Connections and relationships created between entrepreneurs, presenters, contributors, and audiences.

Connecting our creative resources and creating connections between our creative resources

Our creative resources are our diversity.

Introduces the venues of creative, entrepreneurial, and leadership enterprises in the neighbourhood.

Inspiration and information for would-be entrepreneurs.

Excitement and opportunities for neighborhood residents and enterprises.

Showcase for the creative talents and resources of the community.

Engaging the community in the art of creating community.

Contribute to Fusion Symposiums as an enterprise.

High-return contribution for everyone involved.


Provide opportunities for community contributors to create the Fusion Symposium in cooperation with other contributors

Create connections between artists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs, and other contributors

Create learning opportunities and experiences in the art of creating cooperative enterprise for experienced and would be artists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs.


Artists can present their works and create connections.

Entrepreneurs can present their enterprise and create connections.

Community contributors can cooperate, support, and create with other community contributors.

Become a symposium contributor in whatever way you can.

Explore possibilities like the Storyeum facility

Community Contributors

Community Contributors with social, economic, resource, and community development interests in common with the ideas and opportunities Fusion Symposium creates and contributes.

Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts
Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Society
Community Arts Council of Vancouver
Alliance for Arts and Culture
Heritage Vancouver
Building Opportunities with Business
Creative Industries Initiative
W2 Community Media Arts
Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network
Fearless Media
International Centre of Arts for Social Change
BC Centre for Social Enterprise
Cooperative Radio
Students in Free Enterprise – Simon Fraser University
School for the Contemporary Arts – Simon Fraser University
Centre for Dialogue – Simon Fraser University
Vancouver Economic Development Commission
Leadership Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver Association
Entrepreneurs Organization Vancouver
Downtown Eastside Culture Crawl
Centre A- Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Building Community Society of Greater Vancouver
Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society
Push International Performing Arts Festival
SFU Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities
Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver
Social Venture Institute
Crossroads Conference

Fearless Festival
Japanese Community Associations
Carnegie Centre
Chinese Community Associations
Gastown Business Improvement Association
Strathcona Business Improvement Association
Powell Street Festival
Chinese Culture Centre Sun Yat Sen
Gallery Gachet
VanCity Chinatown
Tourism Vancouver

Building Opportunities with Business (BOB)

– and everyone interested in learning the art of creative contribution with social entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders.

Context for Fusion Symposiums