Context for Fusion Symposiums


“The Downtown Eastside gathers most of those cultural organizations whose mission is delving into cutting edge, socially controversial, user unfriendly artistic research, which is usually classified in the arts and crafts sector of the creative industries classification: low turnover but highly creative. In a nutshell, the R&D cultural lab of the city.”
The Power of the Arts in Vancouver: Creating a Great City
A Collaboration: Professor Pier Luigi Sacco and Vancity

Artists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs have similar qualities and interests. They all work creatively to contribute to the interests of others. As individuals they can learn by connecting with one another.

Community is created when everyone can have the opportunity to create, play a role, and make a contribution. When artists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs collaborate the community benefits.

What we know

Communities have their own character and unique creative expression

Social justice is people being treated fairly, respectfully, and appreciatively

The nature of life is diversity, and diversity is our greatest resource

What we do

Engage in creative exploration, creative expression, and creative contribution

Offer opportunities for cooperative collaboration in creative enterprise

Pursue and reward integrity, contribution, and creativity

Change our our interests, our ideas, and our thinking


Showcase the creative resources and entrepreneurial spirit of the community

Give artists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs a voice

Give the community a voice

Change the way we see and do things through learning experiences

Excite creative exploration

Demonstrate how cooperative enterprise can work

Acceptance, appreciation, and respect for others rather than judgement

Develop models to learn from, aspire to, and replicate


Would you like to contribute?
It doesn’t matter what you contribute, whatever you do will be a creative experience.